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MATRA MS650 : TRELEC's inside !

MATRA MS650 : TRELEC's inside

Matra Sports is the sports branch of the French car manufacturer Matra Automobiles ( property of Matra industrial group ) , involved in competition in Formula 1, Formula 2 , Formula 3 and Sport-Prototypes in the 60s and 70s .  


More than 37 years after the withdrawal of this legandary car, the MATRA MS650 continues to attract the admiration and the envy of fans and enthusiasts of Formula One.  


This model is still produced and the nomenclature remains the same as the original. And as in the first Matra MS650 , the new remanufacturing also use Trelec products. Guarantee of reliability and durability.


MATRA had established this kind of parts on the MS650 model to show the expertise of its original business area, Aeronautics.


Like an international showcase.

MATRA MS650 : TRELEC's inside !
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